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Spot Brew aroused as a genie to the beer drinking community, a couple of years ago. Since their start of play, they are leading the market through their unique product offering which turns out to be a whole new experience for its users. In a market worth tens of billions of dollars, our client now owns a significant share.

With the rise of popularity and abundant availability of flavors in the market, the client wanted to delight their customers in a unique way possible. While they positioned themselves in the 'Premium' market, their need was to surprise their customers with every order because every beer-drinker wanted to try new flavors.


We were more than excited to take up this project as this had the scope to redefine the eCommerce space. We believed that by infusing Machine Learning to this application, the flavor curation will be possible. Including age verification systems were additional responsibility to deliver the right values through the web application.


Firstly, our designers started wireframing the 'must-have' features which had to be highly intuitive for the users. Our expertise in user experience design proved to be right once again when the client approved the design without any major iteration.

At the other end of the room, our ideation team was framing the questions to be asked to the regular beer drinkers for collecting a sample set of flavor preference data. Upon collecting the sample data from a set of 200 individuals, they started validating and tagging the groups with common preference.

Sharing sensitive information is safe with Blyppr.

Our developers were already getting into the 'concept-to-code' process and chose Magento as the preferred platform for this project which had the flexibility of using custom plugins. Curation algorithms written by our developers are still getting better with time as they learn and increase the curation accuracy by themselves based on the feedback received.

Age verification layers were implemented to this web application by developing a custom plugin along with the necessary payment gateways.

Elixir Flutter Firebase
95 % curation accuracy resulted in 3x customer retention than the market average of 0.8x.
45 % reduced data consumption using advance compression algorithms like H.265 for videos.
2 x improvement in sales volume when compared to the market average.
RootQuotient went above and beyond our expectations in all aspects. The entire process has been really good and the final build was exceeding our expectations. It was really a no-brainer for us to choose RootQuotient for our project. They really understood the layers and the nuances of what we needed.
Kate Lucy