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Fidelity is one of the world's leading financial institutions which offers asset management, fund distribution or investment advice to a majority of the globe. Fidelity's clients fall across a wide range of industry sectors. Their digital approach in the most conventional market has given them the edge to stand-out from the crowd for decades.
In their process to offer a sense of confidence to people regarding their financial ability, Fidelity came up with a short yet rigorous survey where people answer some basic questions about themselves. At the end of the survey, a numeric score will be given denoting the person's financial health. This will be followed by customized instructions and options to improve their score further, all this from the convenience of their mobile phones or tablets.
Rootquotient worked with Fidelity towards the development of this closed group survey application. To increase the chances of accessibility, the application was planned to be developed for both android & iOS. In addition to this, a web application to organize the questions and derive insights from people's response in real-time seemed mandatory. Improved data analytics & visualization models were also included in the development plan.

The timeline for this project was very short, less than 3 weeks. We had to plan, design, develop, test and deploy the application within this period. We took this as a challenge and proceeded with sprint planning. The UI/UX team started working out a simple and intuitive design for the user-side mobile app to reduce the bounce rate while completing the survey.

Meanwhile, the backend team was structuring the database using Rails. The entire questionnaire comprised of 75 questions across 7 categories. Too many rules and conditional progress were in place. For example, a user's 'YES' to a question will lead him to Question-X wile a 'NO' will lead him to Question-Y. The system includes combined validations for a maximum of 5 questions in some instances.

The dashboard reduces the intensive, manual tasks to obtain key information.

For the frontend development of mobile apps, we chose Flutter for 2 main reasons. Firstly, only with the use of a cross-platform application development framework like Flutter, native-like apps for both android & iOS can be developed in a short timeline. The second reason was to delight our client with reduced cost & effort.

Rails Docker Flutter

The web application with admin dashboard involves high-end data visualizations. Consolidated data from the survey will be displayed as visually appealing charts & graphs. The admin will be able to generate a unique link for the employees of a particular company to undertake the survey. The report of this survey will be forwarded to the company to make decisions over their employees' financial confidence.

The final step in a user's journey through this survey application is receiving customized suggestions to improve their financial health score. This part of the project was handled with the support of the client. This annual survey program of Fidelity was built with enterprise-grade security to maintain the privacy of user data. At any instance, the app processes the information only after authentication and authorization via an SSL connection, to ensure security.

42 % increase in survey takers when compared to that of the previous year.
11 % bounce rate which is the lowest ever.
2 x increase in conversion through end-of-survey suggestions.
The UI design was smooth and intuitive which was so evident from the lowest bounce rate. They were more focused on the success of the survey ops.