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Clozerr is an app that lets you discover local restaurants and gives you loyalty rewards. This app gives users more than just restaurant discovery and offers exciting rewards on every visit to a particular restaurant. Clozerr brings the restaurants and foodies closer and making the user-retention game a win-win for both stakeholders.

The young team of Clozerr came up with a viable solution to the most common problem faced in the restaurant business, 'User Retention'. When loyalty card programs are available already, the actual problem is the nudge to use it. Clozerr solves it by maintaining a digital record of loyalty reward system which is also capable of pushing notifications to the users.


While aggregating restaurants and maintaining a directory is just one of the features of this mobile app, the core feature is to make it easy for a user to find local deals and get rewarded. After brainstorming with the founders of the team, it was decided to leverage Bluetooth Beacons to implement the solution effectively.


Firstly, to interact and engage with users at strategic locations we chose Beaconstac for the Bluetooth Beacon hardware needs. This Bluetooth transmitter is installed in the restaurant locations, runs on very low energy and is capable of pushing data packets to nearby smartphones.

When a user visits a restaurant, the beacon at the store sends an ID to the user's smartphone which checks with the server on the cloud for the relevant offer data.

This targeted welcome offer data will be displayed to the user which is ready to redeem. Upon redeeming it, the user's visit to that particular store is tracked and recorded to offer attractive rewards on every visit.

To aggregate and maintain a database of restaurant information including the menu, photos, and reviews, Postgres is used. For the frontend, Flutter is chosen to render native-like applications for both Android & iOS in record time.

Sharing the experience on social media is made easy within the app.

We have also built a restaurant side web application to manage the offers to be given to the users. Features are available to update the menu and analyze the feedbacks. One more interesting feature in this application is developed to let users know that the restaurant is listening to their feedback. This works as when a corrective measure is taken by the restaurant management over a customer's feedback, the system lets the management's response message to that particular customer on his next visit.

iBeacon Flutter PostgreSQL mongoDB
78 % customer retention when compared to the market average of 26%.
3 x increase in the number of average visits of a customer to a restaurant.
200 + early adopters(restaurants) of this application during the beta run.
The team at RootQuotient impressed us with their commitment and transparent approach through regular calls. We were able to see how excited the team was in building our product.
Co-Founder & CEO