Mobile Development
'Bridge Classroom' is a school management application which makes it easy for any school to effectively administrate all its operations with respect to students, staffs, parents and others. This is a first of its kind application which is clutter-free and focuses only on what exactly is needed to solve the problem in administration.
The objective was very clear to bridge the gap between schools and parents to solve the existing issues. This application had to be a common communication platform where the progress of students will reach their parents with a click of a button, making everyone in the academia a part of this.
The client wanted this app to be parent-friendly and students will have minimum role in using this application.
Having the primary goals set, we at Rootquotient realized that the only way is to create something holistic rather than specific. By not being mere message carriers, we designed a platform for any academic-related communication. Anything from school events to attendance to marks can be updated in this app. With the aim to make improve accessibility and user-friendliness, this app is being built for Android, iOS and Web using Flutter.

The sprint plans for this product development is feature-based. The prominent features are Dashboard, Wizspace, Attendance, Calendar, Communities and Analytics.

The dashboard provides the users with all related information meant to reach them. The teachers can even share their wisdom by publishing blogs from this space. This is achieved by building a custom Content Management System(CMS) using Rails. A multi-purpose platform like this makes it easy to use the application as everything appears right on the screen.

The clerical works are drastically cut down through automation.

Wizspace is a 'newsfeed' like feature which allows teachers and the management to share any information and knowledge from external sources, in the form of text, images or video. An e-book upload feature from the common online repository of the school which would serve as an online library is also an extended feature under consideration.

In-app calendar is built to let everyone informed about the common events like holidays, examination dares, assignment deadlines and also to track the absence of the students. Parents can apply for their student's leave within the app which can be approved or declined by the teacher concerned. Any modification in the calendar will be pushed as an instant notification through app and email. Firebase is used to render these push notifications.

Rails React JS Flutter
Instead of receiving the student's academic performance report only at specific intervals, the app is designed to obtain the performance statistics on every aspect like tests, assignments, attendance, etc. as and when they arrive. The user can access any past to current data. An automatic comparison with the past performances will help the parents to keep a track of the child's performance.
The app also sports a chat feature which will be helpful for parents to stay in touch with the teachers instead of it being a one-time meeting per term. Extending this feature, teachers will also be able to create communities with group of students to make them engage among the like-minded individuals. NodeJS is used to make this real-time interaction between multiple users and video conferencing easy.
60 % of routine tasks have been automated with this application.
3 x estimated reduction in the operation cost for the management.
<100 ms latency in delivering messages.
What I find most impressive about them is not only their deep knowledge of the technology stacks but also their flexible communication despite the time zone differences.
Syed Shahid