Alibaba used Flutter to create the Xianyu app which is used by over 50 million people. Ever wondered why a giant like Alibaba should choose a cross-platform app development tool?

Here are some reasons why any organization would lean towards Flutter as it has gained much popularity in a short span of time.

1. Ease of Implementation

Flutter’s ease of implementation meant that these companies could prioritize the implementation of functions and bringing product detail pages online as quickly as possible. This shows that they did not focus on performance optimization alone as they could have easily achieved it with native developments. Using Flutter was not a replacement for native application development but a mere enhancement of cross-end solutions. Alibaba does integrate Flutter to its native applications for the best experience.

2. Efficiency

Flutter entered the market recently and has gained as much popularity like any other cross-platform app development tool. It produced apps with existing codes in record time and is designed with better flexibility.

3. Diversity

When performances were tested, it appears that Flutter performed well in low-end and mid-range devices as well. This diversity shows that the team behind Flutter has meticulously approached building it for better user experience in all devices.

4. Customizable Widgets

Flutter provides the feeling of a native application with customizable widgets, making it easier to produce the exact design and brand experience. It has innumerable options to optimize the layouts in the design, including aspects like caching.

5. In-built Backend

There is also no need to build a back end as Google provides Firebase as the backend, including support for cloud storage and functions, database hosting, authentication etc.

6. Dart Language

Flutter ensures all these attributes are applied in every app that is built as it uses Dart language, which is easier to pick and a great language to be used in cross-platform applications. It is also well-suited for reactive programming. It gives better native plugin chances and easier modes to leverage facilities in a device.

Why Flutter is the Winner when it comes to App Development?

RootQuotient has used Flutter in most of its app development cases. A classic example would be our experience with building an app called Blyppr which is a “privacy-first” chat application with various other features built along.

Considering both business and user experience, cross-platform provides the opportunity to excel in all the critical aspects. Flutter has succeeded in resolving the problems that existed in previous cross-platform development tools and has managed to become popular in a short period of time with high corporate backing.

For you to bring your ideas faster to reality, do reach out to our experts at RootQuotient. We help you build your application that runs seamlessly on android, iOS & Desktop.