From problem-solving to contributing to an easier lifestyle, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. While all the first world countries compete to assert dominance in the AI global scene, one cannot help but notice Canada crawling to the top with ease, becoming the top country for AI investments and developments. Canada used to be a businessmen’s secret until a few years ago. With the current government investing extensively in businesses to make a mark in the global scene, AI became their best bet to announce global dominance.

Inclusivity To Encourage Participation

The 32nd Canadian AI conference happened in May 2019. This event saw participation from hundreds of experts from the AI industry, research, government and accomplished students from all over the country. Such diverse participation means every dimension of the industry is discussed to propel them forward without much hassle. The Universities of Toronto and Montreal find themselves carrying the roots of Deep Learning, an advanced technique important for the core development of AI. Such major participation from the students ensures a powerful future in the respective field. This wide range of minds involving themselves in the current AI scenario has resulted in Canada having the largest ecosystem in AI.

Investment In Artificial Intelligence R&D

Only one company found itself among the top 100 AI companies in the world in 2018. However, there is a brighter side to this. Canada has not yet commercialized most of its AI currently, but the investment in research guarantees major innovation and immediate leap to the top in the future while the competitors scramble to stay unique and innovative. It is the only country to have a strategy for AI. More than $125 Million have been invested in Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), a governmental organization. Even American supreme powers like Facebook, Uber, Google, etc. have set up core research labs in Canada, most of which have tie-ups with top universities.

Responsible Development and Implementation of AI

Apart from making the whole system as transparent as possible, the Canadian government has introduced Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) to check the ethical and human values of the AIs introduced. By making it applicable to both governmental and private projects, it makes sure nothing escapes the system and warns the developers on any discrepancies. Various aspects like cybersecurity, safety to the environment are taken care of at the grassroots levels, making even the consumers aware of the impact of what they use. This is not a one-time development either. Updates and policy amendments are continuously made with the help of public workshops and online assessments, resolving developing issues then and there.

Startups and AI

Deserving startups working on AI will find themselves being empowered by Canada on the global stage with several technology events calling for the best innovators in the world. This is also assisted by easier and more open supportive processes like providing with Visas and welcoming them into their country with open arms. More than simply working with established organizations, kickstarting new ones makes sure the work is done faster, more economical and the opportunity falling in the right hands. The current government is focusing on creating five “superclusters” across the country for tech investments. Read more on how are innovations in startups contributing to leveraging technology.

It is safer to say that Canada hit the nail on the head by nitpicking unaddressed aspects and unresolved issues right in the beginning, giving them the edge over any other country in the world. With the amount of monetary, time and energy investment in research currently, it would only be appropriate to say that Canada is still one step ahead in the Artificial Intelligence industry.