Our Team
RootQuotient is a group of highly talented individuals in the field of technology who came together with the dream of building a great technology entity which would impact lives of millions positively. We design &

develop applications

that are innovative on the tech-front.
About Us

We are a team of great innovators, creators and differentiators with exceptional high standards. We strive to create results that not just meet the client’s needs but that ensures their success and make them stand out. Our Core focus is on creating a holistic digital solution for clients specific needs with our tech expertise in Web, Mobile, Data and Cloud.

Hours billed
Cups of coffee
Our Vision
The vision of the company is to become a pioneer in

digital strategy

, consultation and implementation in

industry 4.0

by delivering highly scalable technology solutions that help startups and enterprises

go to market faster

with the least technical debts.

technology partner for Startups and Enterprises

in trialing and implementation of cloud native technology solutions.
Play a major role as accelerator of Industry 4.0 technologies to democratize AI, Blockchain and Improvise human computer interactions by having research collaborations with Top Universities and research labs across the world.
Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients.
Our core values
It's all about people
We please everyone, those who work with us and those we work for. We establish relationships that would make a positive difference in everyone's lives.
Challenge ourselves
We hardly settle but embrace challenges and go that extra mile. We take risks responsibly and our works are the mark of our focused excellence.
Love what we do
We all know and love what we do. With a strong will to win in every aspect of professional and personal life, we are driven by ourselves.
Deliver more than expected
We strongly believe that as we focus on the end-user, everything else will follow. Through an iterative approach, we do things better and faster.
Learn & win together
By giving more than we take, and sharing everything we learn. Our success is a result of our collective energy and intelligence.
Fast is better than slow
As we dream big, we are conscious about the little things that form the bigger picture. By taking those tiny steps one at a time, we move faster.
Our culture
Exceptional Work
We strive to do the highest level of work to meet the clients' needs beyond their expectation. We feel the true sense of accomplishment in doing just great things.
Creative Thinking
We encourage creativity and innovation among our people by ensuring that possibility of failure doesn't prevent one's action.
Maximum Autonomy
Holacracy provides a concrete framework for encoding maximum autonomy, agility, and purpose-alignment into our organization’s DNA.
Taking Responsibility
At rootquotient, no work is assigned but taken. We empower people to know their ability and be accountable for the work they do.
Radical Transparency
Our core focus is on creating a holistic digital solution for clients' specific needs with our tech expertise in web, mobile, data and cloud.
Fast-moving Mindset
To stay ahead of the competition, we have to build things faster. We operate agile and lean at the same time to keep up with the commitments.